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businesses: how to redeem bpp shop local gift vouchers

Join Business Port Pirie now and sign up to accept our shop local gift vouchers!

Be a part of thousands of dollars reimbursed to businesses each month from our Shop Local Gift Vouchers!

They're simple and easy:

1. Join BPP and accept the shop local gift vouchers

2. When a voucher is redeemed in your store, email a copy of both sides to us (or discuss what best works for you as invoicing options are available to suit your POS)

3. We will reimburse you direct to your bank account

For more information contact:

Our proud corporate ambassadors for 2023

Contact Business Port Pirie:
Business & Events Manager - Aimee Squire Mobile: 0430 725 591  


President: Abby Zubrinich, Mobile 0438 841 729

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